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  • Post published:08/04/2020
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All you need to know about using a mask

The ability of an environmental mask to reduce the negative effects of air pollution depends on the type of pollutant, the type of respirator you are using and how to use it. Read this article to learn how effective masks against harms from the N95 environment are.

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Pollution masks are considered to be an effective way to protect you from the negative effects of air pollution. Research has shown that even small exposure to air pollution can have negative effects on the lungs, heart and even the brain. Many people who choose to wear an N95 respirator claim that it will reduce the negative effects of air pollution or its severity. There are many different types of pollution masks, from simple paper dust masks to filter masks, which provide clean air and those that avoid contact with airborne particulates. The N95 respirator is the most commonly used respirator.

How does the N95 respirator work?

A combination of harmful particles and gases causes the air to become polluted. Gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds pollute the air. Although these gases are harmful, real concern and worry is about fine particles less than 2.5 microns in size, which are extremely dangerous.

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The ability of the mask is to reducing the negative effects of air pollution Depends on the type of contaminant, the type of mask you are using and how it is used. Anti-pollution masks are often assigned a protective factor, which indicates the percentage of contaminants the mask cannot normally remove. A protection factor of 5 means that everything except 5% of contaminants is filtered out with a mask.

Khẩu trang N95 có hệ số bảo vệ là 5, có nghĩa là chúng có thể lọc tất cả trừ 5% các hạt có hại từ không khí. Hiệu quả lọc này là ít hơn đối với các hạt nhỏ hơn 0,3 micron. Khẩu trang N95 không thể loại bỏ khí độc hại trong không khí, chúng có thể được kết hợp với các tính năng bổ sung như than hoạt tính – giúp tiếp tục giảm tiếp xúc với khí độc. Các loại khẩu trang chống ô nhiễm cao cấp hơn thì đắt hơn. xem thêm tại đây

Anti-pollution masks effectively like?

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Conclusion studies on the effectiveness of anti-pollution masks It remains open and needs more work to be done. What we need to do now is to wear a mask, as it is an effective preventive measure to defeat the bad effects of air pollution. It should be noted that wearing these pollution masks may not be comfortable for everyone. Many people find it difficult to breathe or even suffocate when wearing these masks. It should also be noted that these anti-pollution masks are only effective when they have a circular air filter valve on the side of the mask.

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