Activated carbon mask for anti-dust, high-quality NeoShield

Mask against dust, poison NeoShield premium is composed of Neoprene - Is an extremely elastic material and especially does not cause skin irritation. The filter is made from activated carbon - meets TC04-2006 / CTY TNM standard. Understand dust, toxic effect almost 100%. There are also two air filter valve the floor filters the air and helps the wearer to comfortably wear a face mask.

Salient features

The shell is made of Neoprene - hypoallergenic, with good elasticity and elasticity, ensuring the mask seals all crevices, while also fitting a wide variety of faces. Filters out most odors, chemicals, car gasoline odors, smoke and all fine particulates. There is an air filter valve to prevent the air from stagnating in steam.
su-dung-khau-trang-đúng cách

How to wear NeoSheild

  1. Adjust the position of the mask to a comfortable position on the face. Adjust the position of aluminum clamp hugging the bridge of the nose. 
  2. Pull the two rings behind the nape of the neck and attach the mask by gluing 2 pieces of bandage together. 
  3. Adjust the width tightly by adjusting the straps behind the nape, which can be diagonal to hug.


The air filter layers of the mask are not affected by washing. Air-filtering mask effectively, protecting health. Ensure the use of air filter, dustproof and anti-toxic after washing.