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  • Post published:07/29/2020
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The Scottish government recommends that people wear masks made of fabric while in an enclosed space to protect against Corona virus.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the "social isolation is very difficult", for example this is difficult to do when participating in public transport or when buying and selling goods. It is applicable for citizens over 2 years old.

Some experts were quick to support this move.

thực hiện cách ly xã hội

Trish Greenehalgh, a professor at the Science of Primary Care Health at Oxford University, said this decision was "important and timely" as wearing a mask is "the most fundamental way to reduce the transmission of micro-diseases. bacteria caused by infection drops ".

But Keith Neal, emeritus professor of infectious diseases epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, said "it is impossible to know why this was being introduced as there is currently no change in the evidence".

The UK government received suggestions about implementing the mask from the Sage Science Advisory Group last week, but has yet to decide the approach of this.

Last month, the mayor of London said he wanted the government to change its guidelines for wearing masks, saying it should be mandatory to wear them on public transport in the capital. Dr. David Nabarro, a senior UK scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), also recently said that people will have to get used to the "new reality" when it comes to wearing masks. by covering your face in public.

một người phụ nữ đeo khẩu trang an toàn

As they gradually lift the blockade, governments across Europe are slowly adopting this suggestion.

In Austria, anyone entering the stores is required to wear a mask. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that people must wear masks when riding public transport and in shops until the blockade is lifted. Wearing a mask will make many people feel uncomfortable, but when going to work in the office is stuffy. This is also a necessary time for you to be interested interior design office to help your employees feel most comfortable working during the season. 

What can science tell us about this debate?

Before answering that question, it is important to distinguish between gas masks, medical masks and cloth masks.

khẩu trang an toàn

This may not be as important as their name suggests, as the Evidence Based Medical Center shows “standard medical masks are just as effective as anti-poison masks to prevent infection by health workers. in viral respiratory diseases such as influenza ”.

But WHO believes that any type of medical mask should be reserved for health-care professionals. At a time when personal protective equipment was in short supply, everyone wanted it to be used, and that includes employees working in environments where they had direct contact with the source. .

Dr. Jennifer Cole, a biological anthropologist at Royal Holloway, University of London, said: “It is extremely important that available supplies should be given priority to healthcare professionals and other professionals such as Supermarket cashiers and public transport operators are having many face-to-face interactions with the public every day.

That is why Mr. Khan and others are urging to use cloth masks instead of medical or poison masks.

phụ nữa đang đeo khẩu trang

What's the point of using a cloth wrapped around your face, even if it's just an old T-shirt?

Until recently, scientists generally agreed that it didn't make any sense, but the studies that form the basis of this conclusion were those of the flu, not COVID-19.

Recently, there has been a change in the way scientists approach questions.

A new consensus is forming, suggesting that although a medical mask or a cloth mask may not protect an individual from a disease caused by a droplet infection, it can help protect someone else if someone is sick.

This is especially relevant for Coronavirus, because others can become infected in the early stages when someone becomes infected, when there are often few or no symptoms.

As the latest evidence suggests that even a cloth can prevent droplet infections including Corona virus, this can be very helpful in stopping the spread of the disease without having to lockdown. .

This suggests that we should all wear a mask when going out, but, as always, there is disagreement on the matter, because one factor cannot be known: the human factor.


cách ly xã hội an toàn

How we use masks is very important in determining their effectiveness. Some studies suggest that wearing a mask increases social distance. Others argue that it will even impair the ability to protect the body because it creates a very vague sense of security.

But with the small chance that it might help us avoid the blockade, many researchers believe it is worth exploring and doing.

As a recent study concluded: “If you have COVID-19 and cough 8 inches away, wearing a fabric mask will 36 times lessen the amount of virus you pass on to that person and even more effective than the mouth. anti-poison page.

luôn trang bị nước rửa tay và khẩu trang

“Also, the researchers claim that a 36-fold reduction is 'ineffective'. We do not agree.

“That means you will only pass on 1/36 of the virus you will be able to infect, reduce the viral load, which can lead to a lower probability of infection, and fewer symptoms. If more infected. "

In other words: science may not change much, but our perceptions of it have. We may soon discover whether people can maintain the necessary discipline to be able to effectively practice wearing a mask. A mask is also considered a dish business gifts is used by many companies to promote their image.